The app comes with multitude of features which lets the tutor and students interact in the most efficient way. This also helps parents be in touch with their child's progress which they can track through our app. The student's reports generated is personalised according to how the student performs in various tests. The study content is provided as directed by the tutor to the student so he doesnt have to waste time looking for it everywhere. With its online test portal the tests are conducted online through our app which are automatically checked which is much more convenient than conventional way.

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The platform enables tutors to carry out subsidiary activities such as sharing information, formulating and checking quizzes, generating personalised reports, sharing attendance logs, and helps keep parents in the loop.

Empowering Educators

The platform believes that empowering the educators is key to strengthen India’s education sector. An easy-to-use technology can increase their output manifold and help them deliver personalised education, in the true sense, even within a classroom.

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